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Crawlspace Repair- Allentown, PA

Recently the Burke Construction - Dr. Energy Saver team completed a full crawlspace encapsulation in an Allentown, Pa home. The family was suffering from musty smells, high heating and cooling bills and worst of all, being uncomfortable in their own home! We responded. Installing the CleanSpace Crawlspace Encapsulation system, spray insulation and our brand new SaniDry Sedona SUPER dehumidifier! The Sedona is the worlds most efficient dehumidifier and backed by a 5 year warranty! We are very proud to be able to offer this unit to our customers. Now the home is healthier, more efficient and MORE COMFORTABLE!

Crawlspace Insulation- White Haven, PA

Doug had contacted us to help him solve a nasty crawlspace problem. The home was suffering from damp, musty smells, and high energy bills. One of the challenges we faced with this crawlspace was the very cramped design. Some sections of the crawlspace were only 5" off the dirt floor! We were certainly up to the challenge. Even though the crawlspace was very tight, we were able to install out patented Drainage Matting to ensure proper drainage, the CleanSpace 20 mil vapor barrier to eliminate the moisture from the ground, 2" of closed cell insulation to seal and insulate the foundation and the worlds most efficient dehumidifier, the SaniDry Sedona to maintain healthy humidity levels. Now the entire house it more comfortable, better smelling and of course much more efficient to heat and cool!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Stroudsburg, PA

Burke Construction was contacted by Poplar Valley Methodist Church in Stroudsburg, PA to evaluate some concerns the members had with the crawlspace. Years ago a contractor came along and spray insulated the floor joists under the entire church, this helped with the insulation but did nothing to correct the moisture problems underneath. In fact, it made it worse. Burke Construction utilized the CleanSpace system along with spray insulation, properly applied to the foundation walls, to seal and eliminate the moisture problems! We also sealed and taped all the ductwork in the newly encapsulated crawlspace to reduce duct leakage. The members said the noticed a difference immediately!

Crawlspace Encapsulation - Pocono Pines

This homeowner called us to help solve the mystery smell and cold floors in her Pocono Pines home. She wasn't sure what she needed but she knew she needed help. Her home was built in the early 1960's as a summer cottage. The crawlspace was in very rough shape with the insulation falling down from the floor which is a sign of high moisture levels. We removed the ineffective fiberglass insulation. Installed our patented CleanSpace Crawlspace Encapsulation system and spray insulated the foundation walls to seal out moisture and help to keep the home more comfortable. Now this home is more efficient and much healthier!

Attic Insulation- East Stroudsburg

We received a phone call from Joanna who was looking for ways to save money and make her home more comfortable. We suggested completing a full home energy assessment so we could get a better understanding on what is going on throughout the home. Although her home was only about 10 years old, we were able to see area's that could be greatly improvement. One of these area's was the upstairs ceiling (attic floor). We were able to see large air leaks and missing insulation during the energy assessment with our thermal camera. We suggested air sealing and insulating the attic with our TruSoft cellulose insulation. The homeowner still wanted to be able to store items in the attic so we created a 10 x 10 fully insulated storage area. We also built dams to hold back the cellulose and keep the attic nice and clean. We also spray insulated the basement and installed our patented CleanSpace Crawlspace Encapsulation system in the crawlspace under the home. Now the house is more comfortable, more energy efficient and ready for the coldest winters and hottest summer!

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