Crawlspace Repair, is it Science?

Monday, June 2nd, 2014 by Matt Bauman

Well folks, It seems to? go straight from winter to summer, back to winter, and now full on summer heat is here! Right now at 12:31pm, in Stroudsburg, it is 86F,and 50% humidity. At home, your crawlspace is probably 50F and 60%+ humidity. If your crawlspace vents are open, the warm air is entering the crawlspace, the air is being cooled once it reaches the crawlspace. Hey kids, remember science class? What happens to the moisture in the air as you cool it? Where does it go?? ? Well, air at? 86? ??F and 50% relative humidity will become saturated if cooled to 50??F, the dew point. Warmer air is cooled below its dew point, and the excess water vapor condenses. This is the same thing that causes water droplets to form on the outside of a? glass? containing an ice-cold drink. This is why vented crawlspaces are so inefficient. You would need the complete opposite scenario to have crawlspace air actually leave the crawlspace through vents and openings.

"So leave the vents closed" you might say, well that creates a whole new problem.? ? What will happen to the moisture that is wicking through the foundation, naturally occurring in the ground, and always present in the air? This moisture is now trapped in the crawlspace, with only one direction to go. UP. The moisture will now wick into the joists, condensate on cooler surfaces, rise into the house, and ultimately lead to mold and rot. The moisture in the house may go as far as the underside of the attic roof. Notice any black spots on the plywood? Have a musty smell in the house? Insulation sagging in the crawlspace?? If so call Burke Construction 570-872-9980 and lets get to the root of the problem!

If you have a crawlspace and would like to learn more about what to have done and why, Email us at [email protected] for a free copy of Crawlspace Science By Larry Janesky


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