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Monday, June 2nd, 2014 by October 2, 2013

If you ask someone if their crawlspace or basement is "dry", most people respond with yes or no, since most? people associate "dry" with "lack of water" and "wet" with "presence of? water". Although this is a short response to a seemingly simple question. The question itself is not that simple. Water and Moisture are 2 very different things. For example, home has a crawlspace that stays "dry" every time it rains, one time back in 2006 they had water in the crawl space when the hurricane passed through. Other then that, its been "dry". However, the crawl space has a stone floor, cinder block walls and open vents, the outside air is allowed to pass freely into the crawl space, bringing with it the very hot, humid summer air. The insulation is dripping, the pipes are rusting, and the house is always stuffy, no matter? how many fans they turn on, the air conditioning just doesn't seem to keep up.? When winter comes, the electric heat bill is sometimes $400 a month and the house always seems to have a chill, so they are constantly fidgeting with the thermostat.

This? home has a seemingly different problem. These homeowners? may think they need to replace the heating system? or upgrade to a newer, bigger unit.? Properly solving these problems often start in the crawlspace. Mold, rot, odors, excessive energy costs, health problems are all side effects, or "symptoms" of a? crawlspace or basement that is in need of proper remediation. This is what Burke Construction specializes in, 52 weeks? a year, we bring the CleanSpace system to you.

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