Air leaks OUT, Air leaks IN!!

Monday, June 2nd, 2014 by Matt Bauman

In homes built a hundred years ago, we had very leaky walls, ceilings and floor assemblies, with no insulation. We had heat flow through the building envelope - inside to outside in the winter, and outside to inside in the summer. The house dried to the outside in the winter, as there were no vapor barriers, air barriers or insulation to prevent moisture from leaving the building. This was a good thing relative to preventing mold. Of course heating the home was extremely? inefficient and? we were shivering in our homes, but at least they could dry out.

Today we have homes that are built? much tighter. Are they "too tight"? Not? hardly.? In fact the average home has? long way to go before it's too tight. But we have to pay attention to how we build homes - where we put vapor barriers (they need to be on the warm side), what kind and how much insulation we install, and vent excess moisture outside (bath fans, clothes dryers, kitchen exhausts, etc.)

Obviously, we need to control our basements and crawls spaces from leaking, and not allow moisture or air from the earth into our homes. We should not allow outside air into a below-ground space such as a crawls space or basement, because we will pay an energy penalty in the winter, and have high relative humidity and condensation in the summer time, causing mold.

Burke Construction specializes in remediating these types of problems, with the ability to provide the CleanSpace System to homeowners throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania! or 570-872-9980

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