Condensation, What does it mean?

Monday, June 2nd, 2014 by Matt Bauman

The seasons are rapidly changing! The sun is out now, but after weeks with little rain, we forget how lousy rainy days can be. These late season rains are great for bringing down the rest of the leafs, saturating the earth, and causing basements and crawlspaces to become damp. Have you ever noticed condensation on the inside of windows or doors in your home or someone else's? Condensation occurs on cool surfaces when there? are high levels of humidity in the air on the warm side. The same science that causes a cold glass of ice water to sweat on a hot summers day. As the temperature outside drops over the next few weeks, there will still be residual moisture in the air inside the house. Homes with excessively damp basements or crawlspaces with suffer more. Often toilet tanks and water pipes will sweat as well. This condensation may only occur a few times, early in the winter, and taper off as the heat in the house is turned on or up. That does not? mean the problem is solved, it just means your heating system is working extra hard to heat your home and dry the air at the same time. You can often find the condensation in the attic on the underside of the roof sheathing during these winter months. This will often lead to mold in the attic. Over the last 15 years, building science has taken the guesswork out of the cause of many home problems. This is something we at Burke Construction take pride in. We don't need to guess at the cause, trouble shoot by trial and error, or "google" the solution. Our experience, our network, and our products allow us to truly be specialists in the building industry. Remember this when you see condensation on glass over the next few weeks, If you see this, tell the homeowner you know someone who can get to the cause of the problem, and make their home healthier and more efficient. There is only one choice when you? need a specialist, and? when Quality Matters, Burke Construction LLC. ? 570-872-9980

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